Free Time Thursdays, Ottawa Museum Series

Peek a boo!
Peek a boo!

Do you live in the Ottawa area? If you do, you definitely need to know about this!

Thursdays have free admission times to various Ottawa Museums. One to four hours seems the norm, generally later in the afternoon where you can explore all the new experiences each museum has to offer.

Ceremonial Dance Puppet

Being the saver that I am, that’s wonderful. Don’t you think so too? A family visiting any museum can add up to $30 fast.  It’s great to be able the enjoy all the wonderous galleries and exhibits available through approximately 15 museums in the area.  Tho,  I’m not sure right now if all participate in the free time Thursdays. Only time will tell.  Or one of you in the comments!

I’ll be first to admit two hours  isn’t the longest time for any museum, but that’s ok, it’s free.  You can go back repeatedly taking the time to thoroughly explore each section of the museum.


Freetime Thursdays – Ottawa’s Museum Series:

Ottawa Agriculture and Food Museum

So cute!
So cute

Canadian Museum of History

  • 100 Laurier Street
  • Gatineau, Quebec
  • K1A 0M8
  • Tel: (819) 776 – 7000 or
  • 1-800-555-5621


Canadian Museum of Nature

unknown mineral

  • 240 McLeod Street
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • K2P 2R1
  • Tel: (613)566-4700 or
  • 1.800.263.4433

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