Ottawa Agriculture and Food Museum

Super Cute
Super Cute!

This is first is our series of Free Time Thursday – Ottawa Museum Series.

First week took us to the Ottawa Agriculture and Food Museum.  

I went specifically to see the farm babies.  I’d seen pictures on the twitter feed of Agriculture Canada, and as those who know me know, I’m a sucker for anything small sized.  Which includes babies, especially baby animals. You should see me around baby shoes.

The Ottawa Agriculture and Food Museum is located at  901 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa, Ontario. 613-991-3044 or 1-866-442-4416

 As I found out afterward, they actually offer free entrance from 4 – 5 daily, not just on Thursdays.  Which is awesome!  Not everyone has spare time on Thursdays.

Parking isn’t included.  It  was $1 for 30 minutes, you feed the parking machine and display your ticket on dashboard before going into the farm.

Look at that tail go!

I should have went back in March.  That’s when most of the babies were born.  Note to self for next year.  They were still super cute tho and still incredibly fun to watch frolick and play at near two months of age.

Baby Calf
Baby Calf

All the babies were super cute. This calf looked so small and helpless still.

Baa Baa Almost Black Sheep

I couldn’t help but sing to them and ask where the 9 bags of wool are.

As I mentioned, all the baby animals were super cute, but the kids were the most fun to watch since they were bouncing around enthusiastically.

we’ll be coming down the mountain when we come!
Let’s Play

Animals of all sizes can be found.

here a chick, there a chick
here a chick, there a chick
Angora Goat
Angora Goat

This handsome devil loved having its picture taken.  He came right over and posed for us repeatedly.  We truly felt he was loving the attention.

I’m too Sexy for my Wool

Go check it out if you don’t believe us!  We have many pictures but just shared a few.

This one’s a party animal!

I happened to notice that no mother can catch a break. In any walk of life.

Moms are often walked all over
Walk all over mom.
In every walk of life.
Rock Star
Rock Star

I can’t have a post without this guy.  He looked like a Glam Rocker to me.  

This in no way covers all the animals or events at the Ottawa Agriculture and Food Museum.  It will take many visits to explore all they have to offer.

I definitely know I’ll be visiting again around Mother’s Day for the lilacs. My favourite flower. They have at least 30 bushes on their lawns, some with designs on the petals that I’d never seen before, and this year I’m going to blog them. 🙂 They are stunning and free to view. Double awesome!

Update: We went to the Museum of History next, check it out here


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