Canadian Museum of History

picture by Museum of History

This is part of our series Free Time Thursdays – Ottawa Museum Series.

This week brought us to Gatineau.  The Canadian Museum of History. Just across the river at Parliament Hill.  Breath taking views to be had, 

Located at 100 Laurier Street in Gatineau, free time on Thursdays is 4 – 8.  Lots of time to explore the History of Canada.  There is also an IMAX theatre.

Parking works a little differently at the Museum of History.  It’s $2.50 per half hour before 5 pm, but a lump $6 from 5 pm until 6 am.  It is underground parking and to save yourself a trip, remember your ticket.  You pay at a machine within the mueusm and then have 15 minutes to get out of the parking lot. We arrived at just after 5 pm and had lots of time to go through the whole museum.

Included within the Museum of History is the Canadian Children Museum.  Only the husband and I went this trip, so I have no pictures of the children’s section.  I didn’t want to be going around taking pictures of other people’s children.  The Children’s Museum encourages children to travel the world, enriching their lives and broadening their experiences by exploring other cultures through exhibitions,  costumes and hands-on artifacts, including an extraordinary assortment of toys and games. I remember staying in this section a very long time when I did go with my children.  They loved travelling around the world.  Children get a passport to stamp at each completed task, encouraging them to explore. Fun for all.

There is also the Stamp Museum.  Thousands of stamps including some from as far back as 1851.  I think they should have it so we can design our own stamps. Maybe someone should create an app for that.  I wish it could be me.

House Post
House Post

On the main level is the The Grand Hall.  This is where the real History begins. Exhibit after exhibit on the progression of various First Aboriginal tribes.





I’m pretty happy to live in this century. We have been afforded the lap of luxary compared to the hardships of life as First Nations.

Wandering through the centuries and watching their tools and attire change and adapt is quite fascinating.

I should have taken more pictures of the tools. IE any. It feels like you’re taking alot of pictures until you get home. I’ve come to realize I’m not a great photographer and need to plan the pictures a little better and to take more! Learn from my mistake and take lots of pictures!

Family Game Nights Old School
Family Game Nights Old School

 History shows that families have been gathering and playing games for centuries now. Unfortunately my label picture didn’t turn out so I can’t label each item. The paddle has an attached birdy that I suppose they continuously tried to bounce like a bolo bat.  The paddle is pocked with indents.  How we’ve advanced but yet remain muchly the same.

I’m Home Alone?!?

This mask is from the Kwakwaka’wakw tribe before 1912.  Macaulay Culkin has nothing on this guy.


House Post

 The art work was spectacular.


Man Turning To Wolf
Man Turning To Wolf

 It was interesting to see the tales they told.

At the Museum of History in Gatineau


The detail in near century old artifacts is astonishing.

We enjoyed strolling through the various tribes, comparing their ways of life to our own and then to other tribes.  They were super ingenious in old days, but nothing sways me, I love modern conveniences.

There is a wonderful Terry Fox section that pays tribute to our fallen Canadian hero. 

Freetime Thursdays doesn’t include any special exhibits. 

There are a few areas where picture taking was not permitted.  I tried to pay attention but if I have pictures of areas I wasn’t suppose to I’m sorry. 

This barely covers the wonders at the Canadian Museum of History.  You really do need to get lost in the past there yourself. 


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