May 3 is National Raspberry Popover Day

May 3 is a busy day on the National Holidays calendar. Included in the list is National Raspberry Popover Day. It is also National Chocolate Custard Day. Blog post being worked on.

Raspberry Popovers and Chocolate Custard
Homemade Raspberry Popovers and Chocolate Custard

Popovers are called an Americanized yorkshire pudding. Named for how they popover the tops of the tins you cook them in.

First reference to popovers goes back to a letter in 1850. Though apparently the recipe has changed many times since. Finding a copy of the M. N. Henderson,Practical Cooking, 1876 which was the first cookbook to list the popover could prove interesting to compare the changes.

I’ve already researched raspberries some, back in May 1st’s National Chocolate Parfait day. It’s the Roman’s we have to thank for berries, they called for the cultivation of them. 

We made raspberry popovers but I felt they were a flop. Perhaps I put too much batter into my muffin tin.  I’m not sure, but they didn’t really pop, it was more like a muffin.

So no recipe  from us this time.  We don’t pass along things unless they turn out. Unfortunately you can’t win them all 🙂

I’m not really sure I like yorkshire pudding or, now, popovers. They always seem to have an odd consistency and taste very eggy.

It be great if you could share any popover recipes you’ve tired and liked and please share how you celebrate this tasty ‘holiday’.


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