May 5 is Cinco de Mayo – Ole!


Following the National Calendar brings us to May 5 and Cinco de Mayo. Yum!

Not that we ever need an excuse to eat Mexican food, but Cinco de Mayo tends to cause us to splurge.


Not a holiday officially celebrated in Canada, but because we are aware of the day and totally love Mexican food we tend to indulge.

My understanding is that May 5th is their equivalent to our July 1st but most of Mexico does not celebrate it.

Mexico is the largest Spanish speaking country and the 14th largest by size, Canada is 2nd.  Mexico’s population is approximately 113,724,226 compared to Canada’s approximately 34,000,000. Population density #/sq km for Mexico is 55.7 and for Canada is 3.3. Isn’t that quite a difference?

The median temperature is around 24 C making it a favourite winter getaway to us Canucks. I hope one day to get there. Have you been? Is the Mexican food awesome?

20150502_204857 (1)
Bean Taco
beef taco
beef taco

Our menu is basic. Nachos and tacos…but nearly everything is from scratch and so very fresh and tasty.

We decided to make bean and hamburger for variety. I was thinking I was making vegetarian but realized too late I was using chicken stock. Silly me. Simply switching that with vegetable stock will fix that right up and save you 15 calories

Homemade Taco Seasoning

Lemony, Spicy Gauc

Homemade Salsa

Refried Black Bean

Nacho Chips

Taco Meat


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