Welcome to Fingers Crossed – Contests for Canadians

Welcome to our Fingers Crossed – Contests for Canadians

Click here for the Fingers Crossed Index

Every contest will be open to Canadians, some of the contests will be open outside of Canada as well.

Big Changes going on today. You can access the daily listing through the index, select home. You will now be accessing the daily newsletter, I do not do two listings any longer.  

Also there are now Today and Tomorrow listings of contests ending so you don’t miss any.

Select Home at the top of your screen and see what happens!

We regularly publish the Fingers Crossed at 12:01 am ET. 

We’re hoping you’ll visit the page daily!

Fingers Crossed newsletter is now also available weekly.  We had a few emails ranting on daily newsletters, so we adapted slightly. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter and receive hot, new contests in your inbox. Daily or Weekly, you pick!

We have our own contests.  Check them out!  Three contests there presently.  One month free to Sweepstakes Ninja, Baby Formula Coupons and brand new membership to WIBN.  Women In Business Network has been added.

It is your responsibility to know the rules of all contests.  Most contests do not allow Quebec.

There is also a Paypal/Amazon/Cash type contest section.

If you have a contest you’d like included in our listing, please fill in this form.

Good luck to all!  Please share your story in the comments if you win, or even stories about anything you’ve already won to motivate! Or just say hi 🙂

Click here for the Fingers Crossed Index


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